Athletics and Chiropractic Care

Gwinnett Chiropractic Associates can aid athletes to perform at optimal level and free of pain.

sports chiropracticDr. Siegmund has been active in sports and fitness all his life. He takes a keen interest in providing natural, med-free healthcare to help athletes perform at their optimal level. Being certified in adjusting extremities is an added bonus in your chiropractic care at our facility. For an athlete, the extremities get out of alignment often by simply doing what you do. These small, misalignment's can go undetected a long time before showing any symptoms (limited range of motion, loss of strength, pain, etc.). When they do finally show up, you've noticed a loss in your level of performance and you're probably experiencing some kind of pain.

A tiny bone misaligned in the foot can be a huge issue for say a dancer or gymnast causing loss of balance, lack of full extension or strain in larger areas of the body. An elbow or knee out can change the way a baseball or football player throws or hits. Just as having one of these small areas out of alignment can hinder your performance, getting it back in place can have you back in working order again thus increasing your strength and stability.

While we treat athletes of all ages, levels and sports, Gwinnett Chiropractic Associates specifically caters to athletes in the school districts of Collins Hill, Peachtree Ridge, Mill Creek, Mountain View, Buford, Flowery Branch, Greater Atlanta Christian and Hebron Christian Academy to name a few.